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Empower business & IT professionals to increase web, SaaS and mobile application availability by 50%.

What's your web speed? With today's break-neck speed of consumption, time is money. Measure performance and availability before they impact end-user experience. With this SaaS app, deployment effort and administrative headaches are virtually eliminated. Many of our clients realize value within 15 minutes.
With an intuitive self-guided interface, you can easily monitor your web, mobile or SaaS apps and sites. Ability to quickly & easily begin monitoring, Google Gmail and Microsoft 365 Outlook services. Start to "police your SaaS provider".
All you need to do is enter your ID and Password and we'll begin to monitor & report on your end users' service levels. More time to take orders, serve customers, help partners and increase employee productivity.

Synthetic Monitoring

Synthetic monitoring, emulating key steps that end users perform on critical applications to measure app speed & availability, is a common end user monitoring capability that is fast to deploy and easy to consume.

Easy and Fast

New clients can set-up AppPulse in less than 60 minutes. Gain immediate insight into web & mobile speed and availability which affects your bottom line.

Monitors Multiple Applications

AppPulse is the one-stop-shop which can be used across IT and the business to monitor websites, mobile apps and SaaS services.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage historical performance norms to understand instantly when performance becomes a problem. Automated alerts the instant you deviate, and dynamic thresholds allow you to avoid having to set manual service level agreements.