• Initiate.

  • Test.

  • Review.

Shut down back doors and secure your apps from the bad guys. Simply upload your application or URL and HP's FoD will complete an application security scan (dynamic, static or mobile). Get the results within hours in a detailed dashboard or report that provides comprehensive visibility into the security of your apps. Learn more

  • Web.

  • Mobile.

  • SaaS.

Easy-to-use web monitoring which measures the performance of your applications. AppPulse tracks user application behavior such as transaction performance and application errors to paint a realistic picture of the end-user experience. Learn more

  • Plan.

  • Collaborate.

  • Track.

Designed specifically for agile teams. It leverages native cloud architecture for instant access, boasts a clean, intuitive design, and offers technology innovations that remove latencies, bolster agile practices, and foster continuous improvement. Learn more

  • Social Collaboration.

  • Self-Service.

  • Big Data Analytics.

Connect business and IT into one conversation and move beyond ticket management. Harvest knowledge out of social interactions to drive collective insight, solving problems faster. Powered by HAVEn, Big Data analytics and sentiment analysis finds connections, analyzes trends and anticipates user issues. Learn more

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